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The Fertility Roadmap: 

Navigating Your First 12-Months of Trying to Conceive

An online class to help you get pregnant ASAP so you can save time and minimize heartbreak.

Let me walk you step-by-step through the method I’ve developed to ensure you’re doing everything within your power to get to that positive pregnancy test sooner. The Fertility Roadmap will give you:

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The secret to increasing your chances of conceiving by up to nearly 20% starting today

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Tools to identify the top two most common, yet invisible issues that are preventing you from getting pregnant

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Techniques for maximizing your body’s ability to get pregnant regardless of your current fertility level

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The confidence and data you need to approach your health care practitioner and advocate for yourself sooner than 12-months ​

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Strategies for choosing which fertility-related products and services will have the greatest impact on your journey 

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Additional support via email as you require it 

On-Demand Video 

This course is broken down into four easy-to watch modules so that you can follow along at your own pace. 

The Fertility Roadmap: 

Navigating Your First 12-Months of Trying to Conceive


4+ hours of video-based teaching 

Evidence-based strategies and practical tools you can begin using right away 

On-demand access that never expires, to make sure you always have the help you need 

Summary PDF’s, checklists, charts, and workbook pages so that you can set yourself up for success & track your progress




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