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Chart your path from decision to conception.

Welcome to "The Path" by Ovary Mindful, your trusted companion from decision to conception. 

Whether you're exploring parenthood or actively trying to conceive, our streamlined 8-step roadmap guides you through each pivotal phase. At Ovary Mindful, we believe in equipping women with the knowledge and tools they need to optimize their fertility, understand their bodies, and address any potential challenges early on. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of your reproductive health, perfect your timing game, and strut confidently towards your baby dreams. Let's hop on this rollercoaster ride together, where you'll feel informed, supported, and maybe even ready for a victory dance.

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Decide the Right Time

Step 1: Decide if you want to get pregnant someday.


Making the decision to become a parent is massive and life-altering. Consider whether you can afford it, if you're in the right relationship, and if you have the mental bandwidth to take care of another human. ​

No matter what you decide, we're here to support you from the very beginning. Follow us on Instagram, where we discuss the pros and cons of this momentous decision. We'll give you plenty to think about!


Step 2: Set the date!


You've decided you want to get pregnant someday! ​ ​


If you're planning the specific date to start trying to conceive months (or even years) in advance, we see you and applaud you! ​

We recommend giving yourself about 6 months to prepare. This preparation period gives you the best chance to conceive ASAP once you start trying. Our online course will help you approach the journey with confidence and clarity. You'll learn how to maximize your chances of conception and identify and resolve any potential roadblocks.

Enroll now and take the first step toward a smooth and successful conception journey!



Section 1 of "The Fertility Roadmap"

Get Off of Hormonal Birth Control

Prevent Pregnancy Without Hormones

Section 2 of "The Fertility Roadmap"

Step 3: Receive your orientation package 

Imagine this: you walk into your healthcare practitioner's office and declare your intentions to start trying to conceive. You ask for next steps and advice, but leave feeling disappointed when told to come back if you're not pregnant after 12 months.

In an ideal world, you'd receive an orientation package. This is where you'd learn that there's so much more to understand about getting pregnant and the role your fertility biomarkers can play in the journey. 

Start with "Section 1: Fertility Foundations" in our online course and gain the essential knowledge you need to begin your journey with confidence.


Step 4: Get off hormonal birth control & make alternate plans

Depending on what you've used to prevent pregnancy, here's how it affects your ability to get pregnant and how long it takes for your cycle to return to healthy, baby-making cycles. Use these resources to inform your decision about when to stop using hormonal contraceptives.


If you need a birth control option in the meantime, stay tuned. We're launching our "Preventing Pregnancy Naturally" course soon. Sign up here to stay updated.


Step 5: Evaluate your fertility 

Just stopped hormonal birth control? Welcome back to the world of cycling! This isn't just about getting your period back; it's about reconnecting with your fifth vital sign—an incredible superpower for women. This is an exciting and crucial time!

Depending on how long you were on hormonal birth control, you might notice old menstrual issues resurfacing. Now is the perfect time to address them before you start trying to conceive.

By now, you should have completed Section 1 in The Fertility Roadmap and gained the essential knowledge to get pregnant ASAP. In Section 2, you'll learn to interpret your fertility biomarkers, empowering you to evaluate where your fertility stands and take proactive steps toward conception.

Complete "Section 2: Fertility Evaluation" in our online course and get the clarity and confidence you need. 


Navigating the First 12-Months of Trying to Conceive

The Fertility Roadmap



Step 6: Understand Timing


Starting your trying-to-conceive journey often begins with timing sex to ovulation. But how can you pinpoint your ovulation? 

Consider this: Women who interpret their fertility biomarkers have a 68% chance of conceiving in the first 3 cycles, compared to 50% for those who don't.  

Why? Reading biomarkers means detecting fertility accurately, not just guessing. So, take charge of your journey with informed choices. ​

Section 3 of our online course explains how to increase your chances from 50% to 68% within the first 3 months of trying. 


Step 5: Resolve any identifiable subfertility

*The most underrated step in your trying to conceive journey.*  

I can almost guarantee you'll be surprised at how disappointed you feel if/when you get your first negative pregnancy test. Even knowing logically that the chances of getting pregnant on your first cycle are only around 30%, the emotional toll can be significant. ​ ​


Though our protocol can't guarantee you won't get a negative pregnancy test, our mission is to ensure you avoid unnecessary negative tests.  ​


What are unnecessary negative tests? Those that could have been avoided with the knowledge and tools laid out in our protocol. If there's a potential problem, why wait for 12 months of uncertainty when you could uncover and address issues sooner?  

Sections 4 and 5 of our online course teach you how to identify possible roadblocks to conception within 2 months instead of being left in the dark for up to 12 months.



Step 8: Start Trying to Conceive

Eeek! Congratulations on this major milestone!

If you're already trying to conceive or about to start, welcome! We understand the excitement and urgency that comes with this decision. It’s never too late to learn how to maximize your fertility and address any potential issues.

When you begin your journey, you want to give yourself the best chance to conceive as soon as possible. That’s where our online course, "The Fertility Roadmap," comes in. Even if you're starting later than is optimal, you can still benefit immensely from our comprehensive guide.

Why Now?

  • Maximize Your Chances: Learn how to time intercourse effectively by understanding your fertility biomarkers. This knowledge can significantly increase your overall chances of conception.

  • Identify Potential Roadblocks: Understand common subfertility issues and how to address them early on. Don’t wait until you’ve been trying for a year to seek help.

  • Empower Yourself: Gain confidence and clarity by knowing exactly what’s happening with your body. You’ll feel more in control of your TTC journey, reducing stress and anxiety.

What You'll Learn in Our Course:

  1. Fertility Foundations: Grasp the basics of your reproductive health and gain a strong understanding of how fertility biomarkers will increase your chances of getting pregnant ASAP.

  2. Fertility Evaluation: Learn to interpret your own fertility biomarkers to evaluate your fertility and ability to conceive.

  3. Fertility Insights: Dive into our "Getting Pregnant ASAP Protocol," a detailed step-by-step approach designed to maximize your chances of conception within the first 12 months of trying.

Don’t leave your fertility journey to chance. Whether you’ve just started or have been trying for a few months, our course will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge to boost your chances of getting pregnant quickly. Join us now and take control of your path to parenthood.

Sign up for "The Fertility Roadmap" today and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to turn your dreams into reality!

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I'm Karine, a Certified Fertility Educator! I'm committed to helping you save time and reduce heartbreak on your trying to conceive journey. Whether you're just starting to think about conceiving or actively trying, I'm here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate this complex, vulnerable, and often overwhelming process of getting pregnant in the first 12-months of trying.


Step-By-Step Guide

Don't know where to start? Chart your path from decision to conception. 

Addressing Common Concerns

We tackle the usual suspects like age, irregular cycles, PCOS, and more to ease worries.

Comprehensive Online Course

Everything you need to know to maximize your chances of getting pregnant ASAP.



Are you ready to take control of your fertility journey? Our quick and insightful quiz is the first step towards understanding your body's signals and maximizing your chances of getting pregnant.

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